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Jonathan Fletcher Music March News
Subject: Jonathan Fletcher Music March News
Send date: 2009-03-02 00:37:25
Issue #: 10
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March 2009

How much do you know about music? Sure, you know chords and scales. You know who won the Grammy for Best Album last year (Herbie Hancock, if you didn’t). But what do you really know about music? I’ve compiled some interesting and rarely known music facts for you, so check them out, and impress your friends with your amazing grasp of all things musical:

  • The earliest known example of musical notation was found on a clay tablet in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq), dated to around 1,800 B.C.
    Jean-Baptiste Lully (1632–1687), the first documented conductor, was the first musician to use a baton. It was a heavy, six-foot-long staff that he pounded on the ground in time to the music. One day, at a concert to celebrate the king's return to health, he accidentally stuck the staff into his foot. He developed gangrene and died.
  • Only one person walked with Mozart's coffin from the church to the cemetery where Mozart was buried in an unmarked pauper's grave.
  • Tchaikovsky suffered from many mental breakdowns and neuroses. He believed that his head would fall off, so when conducting an orchestra he would hold his chin with his left hand.
  • A 1964 piece of music written by avant-garde American composer Lamonte Young is called "The Tortoise Recalling the Drone of the Holy Numbers as They Were Revealed in the Dreams of the Whirlwind and the Obsidian Gang, Illustrated by the Sawmill, the Green Sawtooth Ocelot, and the High-tension Line Stepdown Transformer".
  • The American Film Institute has named composer John Williams' score for Star Wars as the greatest film score of all time.

There you have it. More than you ever wanted to know about music.
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Recital News

The 2009 Jonathan Fletcher Music Summer Recital will be held on May 16th at Patterson Park Community Theater in Murfreesboro. We encourage all students to participate, and we believe this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. If you wish to play in this year’s show, talk to your teacher so that you may begin to prepare. Keep your eyes open for more details yet to come!


"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music." —Aldous Huxley




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