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Jonathan Fletcher Music October 2009 Newsletter
Subject: Jonathan Fletcher Music October 2009 Newsletter
Send date: 2009-10-01 09:13:46
Issue #: 17
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October 2009

Fall is upon us, and as the days grow shorter and the nights become cooler we enter my favorite time of the year: Halloween! Why, you ask, is this holiday so special to a musician such as myself? Because if not for the unseen things that go bump in the night, we might not even have music. You see, some people argue that the earliest music played by humans was the rhythmic banging of sticks onto skin drums, which was meant to ward off creatures that might wander into their camp. In other words, to keep the boogieman away. Over time, this practice evolved into more organized cadences, which led to the invention of more sophisticated instruments, and eventually became the music we play today. So to celebrate, we at Jonathan Fletcher Music are offering some scary deals on a variety of musical gear. Check out the deals below. Happy Halloween!


Referral Program

In case you haven’t heard, Jonathan Fletcher Music has launched its Lesson Referral Program. So if you want to save some cash, simply ask your teacher for some referral cards. Simply write your name and your teacher’s name on the card, give one to your friends, and encourage them to sign up for lessons. For every person who brings in one of your cards and signs up for lessons, you receive one free lesson plus a $5.00 gift certificate. So if you have four people sign up, you get a whole month of free lessons plus a $20 gift certificate!


100% Trade Up on Guitars

So you’ve decided to trade in your first guitar for a shiny new electric, eh? Well, we have good news. In the month of October we will give you 100% of what you paid for your old guitar in trade against your new one. That’s right. 100%. Read on for the ‘fine print’.

  1. Your guitar must have been purchased at Jonathan Fletcher Music within the last year.
  2. Instrument must be in reasonably good condition.
  3. The new instrument must be twice the value of the trade in instrument.
  4. 70% Trade Up on drums, keyboards, and amplifiers.



I’ve heard a rumor floating around the store that Jonathan plans to give a $5.00 gift certificate in November to everyone who has signed up to receive the newsletter. So tell your friends to go to and sign up today! Free money doesn’t come around every day, so take advantage of this deal. It doesn’t get any easier than this!


Lay Away for Xmas

As of this writing, there are 84 days, 10 hours, and 8 minutes until Christmas. Don’t get caught unprepared! Come in and put your presents on Lay Away now, and save yourself the stress of last minute shopping.


October’s Scary Deals

  • Jasmine Acoustic Guitar and Soft Shell Case: Retail $453.95, Sale: $279.99
  • Schaller Gold and Black Strap Locks 40% Off!
  • Zoom G1 Effects Pedal Retail: $99.99 Sale: $59.99
  • Zoom  MRT-3b Drum Machine: Retail: $174.99 Sale: $104.99
  • Zoom RT-223 Drum Machine: Retail: $309.99 Sale: $185.99





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