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Jonathan Fletcher Music: Jan 2010 News!
Subject: Jonathan Fletcher Music: Jan 2010 News!
Send date: 2010-01-18 05:23:25
Issue #: 21
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January 2010

Happy New Year, everyone! First off, let me apologize for being late with this month’s newsletter. I resolve to be on time with next month’s installment. Speaking of resolutions, it’s the time of year to make your New Year’s resolutions. So this month I thought I’d share with you a list of resolutions specifically for musicians. Check them out, and take them to heart. You’ve got all year to become a better player, so you might as well start now.

  • Practice! Set aside a regular practice schedule and stick to it. It really is the only way to take your playing to the next level.
  • Go see a show! There are some amazing musicians out there, and the best way to stimulate your creativity is to hear what other people are doing.
  • Listen to something new! When is the last time you bought a CD? Take a chance, and buy an album you’ve never heard. It just might turn out to be your favorite.
  • Start a Band! Call up your musician friends and jam. At the very least, you will have some fun.
  • Buy a new guitar! That’ll get you playing!
  • Experiment! You’ve spent years practicing those same old scales. Now practice forgetting them and play something you have never played before.
  • Effects! Try out a new guitar pedal and use it to write a song. Effects like delays, flangers, and ring modulators can be quite inspiring.
  • Open Mic Nite! Go play at one of your local open mic nights and play in front of some people. Even if it doesn’t go great, the knowledge and experience you will gain is invaluable.
  • Record a song! Got a computer? Use it! Record some music, and I guarantee it will make you a better player.
  • Be a good person. A clear conscience is a window to perfection. Deep, huh?


Stagg Amps

Jonathan Fletcher Music now carries the Stagg line of guitar and bass amps. Need a good amp for a great price? Come check out these. They score high marks on the price/performance scale.


We Buy Used Gear!

So you got a shiny new guitar for Christmas, and now your old ax is feeling a little neglected. Bring it in to the store and we will be sure to find it a new home. Not to mention you get paid for it!





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Jonathan Fletcher Music offers lessons for Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Drums, Bass, Piano, Banjo, Voice, Violin, Flute, Viola, Saxophone, Mandolin, Trumpet, French Horn, Cello and more convenient to Smyrna, La Vergne, Murfreesboro, Antioch, and all of Rutherford and Davidson Counties!