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JF Music March 2010 Music Notes!
Subject: JF Music March 2010 Music Notes!
Send date: 2010-03-04 05:16:40
Issue #: 23
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March 2010

The long cold winter is almost behind us, so it is time to start thinking about spring. At Jonathan Fletcher Music, that means the annual Recital and Rock Camp!


Why should you, as a student, participate in these events? I'm glad you asked.

All year you work and practice on your instrument. At times it seems like quite a chore. It is easy to forget why you put yourself through the rigorous practice schedule, weekly trips to the music store, and occasional frustration that comes with becoming a musician.

Why do we do it?

To become not only better musicians, but better people. The commitment required to perfect your art is great, and to persevere when so many quit is a sign of character. The reward is the chance to showcase your talent. To show the world that you can do something that not everyone can do. You can play. Sure, you learned to play to satisfy your own soul, not to gloat your accomplishments to others, but to keep your talents off the stage is to keep them in a vacuum. It is like the tree that played Mozart in the forrest and no one was there to hear it. Did it make a sound at all?

More details about the upcoming Recital and this summer's Rock Camp will be in next month's Music Notes!





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