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Jonathan Fletcher Music March 2011 Newsletter
Subject: Jonathan Fletcher Music March 2011 Newsletter
Send date: 2011-03-06 18:49:15
Issue #: 37



March 2011 Newsletter


Music History

1941 - The first FM Radio station opened in Nashville , Tennessee

1963 -The Four Seasons became the first group to have 3 consecutive No.1's in the US when 'Walk Like A man', started a three week run at the top.

1964 -The Beatles began filming their first feature film 'A Hard Days Night' at Marylebone train station, London .

1965 -The Temptations went to No.1 in US singles chart with the Smokey Robinson penned song 'My Girl', making the group the first male act to have a No.1 for Motown, The single only reached No.43 in the UK but made No.2 when re-issued

1983 - A new digital audio system, a five-inch compact disc containing up to 1 hour of music was launched by Sony, Philips and Polygram.

1991 - "The Doors" movie debuted. Val Kilmer played the role of Jim Morrison.

1994 - Nirvana played their final ever concert at an Airport Hanger, The Terminal Einz in Munich, Germany, in front of 3,000 fans.

2002 -The first episode of 'The Osbourne’s' TV show was aired on MTV in the US . Focusing on the daily activities of rock musician Ozzy Osbourne and his family.

A Word from our Strings Teacher Allison Franklin:

Gearing up for summer fun

If you are looking for a fun summer activity look no further than the 2nd annual Smyrna Summer String Orchestra Program. Allison Franklin brings 19 years of orchestral experience to the students of Rutherford County and surrounding areas. Last year’s program reached 18 area students who performed a fantastic concert in Smyrna at the end of the summer. This year’s program will focus on string orchestra and small ensemble performance. Students will learn proper performance techniques and group musicality in a fun environment. The program will run from June until August. Keep your eyes open for registration information coming soon.

Tech Corner by Eli Daconto:

Guitarists, Bassists: Are you sure you're hearing your tone?

I’ve been fiddling around with different sounds for most of my career as a professional bass player and studio engineer. In experimenting with different amps, effects, pickup combinations, etc, I’ve always tried to accomplish two things. The first is to not get absorbed into the mix and the second, not to be too loud and overbearing at the same time. This is a real and legitimate concern. If your tone is not right, the only thing that will make you stand out in the mix is cranking up the volume. This may be the perfect solution for you at the time, but may drive your band mates crazy. You've spent hours picking out your axe, your amp, and your choice of stomp boxes. You want to be heard! Bass players have rights too you know! Why are you struggling with your tone? Why can’t you hear the bass in the mix? Is your amp sitting directly on the floor? The floor seems like the right place for an amp. The floor is the very culprit that is sucking the tone and clarity out of your sound. That's because every time you strike a note, the floor vibrates with your amp. Depending on the floor surface, and the other things on the floor nearby, this could be adding to or subtracting from your sound. Luckily, there’s a simple fix. The solution is called acoustic decoupling. To prevent these unwanted vibrations, simply put something between your amp and the floor. You may be able to wipe out all of these sonic problems by putting your amp on a chair. You may also purchase an amp stand that is specifically designed for this purpose. Sometimes placing a piece of foam rubber between your amp and the floor will yield a fantastic sound. Try some of these solutions while practicing to find the one that works best.

Recital News

The 2011 Jonathan Fletcher Music Summer Recital will be held on Sunday May 15th at Patterson Park Community Theater in Murfreesboro . We encourage all students to participate, and we believe this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. If you wish to play in this year’s show, talk to your teacher so that you may begin to prepare. Keep your eyes open for more details yet to come!



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