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Jonathan Flether Music April 2011 Newletter Version 2
Subject: Jonathan Flether Music April 2011 Newletter Version 2
Send date: 2011-04-08 09:52:45
Issue #: 39



April 2011


Music History

1954 - Columbia Records announce that all future pop releases to the public will be on 45 rpm. 1954 was the year that most major record companies begin delivering 7-inch 45 rpm record     singles to radio stations instead of 78s. This and the rising popularity of the 33 1/3 format for full albums results in the beginning of the end for the 78 RPM format.

1956 – Elvis Presley was given a screen test at Paramount Studios in Hollywood, acting the role of Jimmy Curry in a scene from 'The Rainmaker.'  He then went on to sign a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures.

1961 - The Beatles began a three- month residency at The Top Ten Club in Hamburg. They played for seven hours a night on weekdays and eight hours on weekends with a fifteen-minute break every hour.

1964 - The Beatles held the top five places in the US singles chart, at No. 5 'Please Please Me', No.4 'I Want To Hold Your Hand', No.3, 'Roll Over Beethoven', No.2 'Love Me Do' and at No.1 'Can't Buy Me Love'.

1968 - Pink Floyd announced founder Syd Barrett had officially left the group. Barrett was suffering from psychiatric disorders compounded by drug use.

1968 - Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King and Buddy Guy met up for an all night blues session at The New Generation Club in NYC, after hearing the news of Martin Luther King's assassination.

1970 - The "Woodstock" movie premiered in Hollywood, CA at the Cannes Film Festival.

1974 - The Who sold out of all 80,000 seats in 60 hours for Madison Square Garden - a record of the time.

1981 - The documentary film "This is Elvis" premiered at the USA Film Festival in Dallas, TX.

1985 – On April 5th 3:50 p.m. GMT, an estimated 5,000 radio stations around the globe simultaneously play "We Are the World." The song is recorded by a collection of recording artists, USA for Africa, to raise money to feed starving people in Africa and the United States.

1991 - Paul McCartney recorded his unplugged session for MTV.


Recital News


It’s not too late to sign up for the 2011 Jonathan Fletcher Music Summer Recital. It will be held on May 15th at Patterson Park Community Theater in Murfreesboro. We encourage all students to participate, and we believe this year’s event will be the biggest and best yet. If you wish to play in this year’s show, talk to your teacher so that you may begin to prepare. Keep your eyes open for more details yet to come!

Fun Facts


I’ve always wondered, where did the band name ZZ Top come from?  This month I’ve done some research and what I’ve found is interesting.  So I thought that I would share my findings with you.  There are three stories about how they arrived at the name. Legend has it that the "ZZ" in their name comes from a design on barn doors and "Top" comes from Tops rolling papers.  Another story is that their odd name came from one or more of the following - two brands of cigarette rolling paper, Zig-Zag and Top, a tribute to blues legend Z.Z. Hill - or Gibbons seeing the two words running together on a dilapidated billboard.  In Billy Gibbons' book, Rock 'n Roll Gearhead, he states that while looking at a row of flyers that were adorning the wall at his apartments and trying to come up with a name for the band, he noticed a poster for ZZ Hill. He liked the ZZ part and thought of using ZZ King, like BB King, but that name was too close to the guitarist’s name. However, King was the best, or according to Gibbons “on the tops,"  -----Billy decided to call the band ZZ Top.

“The Practice of Practicing”Josh Tannehill

We’ve all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”, and most of us that play (either professionally or for recreation) or teach music have heard the corrective expression “Perfect practice makes perfect”, but in my experience as a teacher I have found that most students aren’t fully aware of what constitutes “perfect” practice. Most commonly I encounter the misconception that “practice” entails learning the music (via notation, tablature, by ear), and then playing endless repetitions of the entire piece, song, or problem spot without directing much focused attention to the music. I myself have been guilty of this at different times, either in my early years as a musician or due to circumstance (i.e. mental or physical fatigue or other factors). Briefly I would like to describe two kinds of practice, and then offer some suggestions for ensuring productivity and desirable results.I generally think of practice as falling into one of two categories, “performance” practice and “maintenance” practice. In brief description, “maintenance” practice is what makes up most of the initial stages of learning new music (learning the musical character and physical requirements of the music and developing that knowledge so as to be able to play it accurately), and it also describes the type of practice employed in “upkeep” of music already learned. This could mean isolating a problem passage, refining your interpretation of a phrase, working on tone production, etc. Maintenance practice in this sense also consists of the acquisition, development, and refinement of rudimentary skills. “Performance” practice is exactly that, the practice of a performance, practicing the performance of an entire song or piece of music and taking mental notes on areas that need be addressed in “maintenance” practice. In ensemble playing, this may take the form of rehearsing entire works or sections of a work. Check back with us next month for the conclusion of this informing article.

Gear Review: B.C. Rich Masterpiece Mockingbird

My Opinion:
Just as the name suggests, this really is a masterpiece. The quilted maple arched top looks awesome on the unique body shape. You will love the string-thru body and the hardware is fantastic! The pickups are really hot, doesn’t take much to make this bird scream.  The neck is slim and extremely fast. The cloud inlays are a nice touch.  The only thing I could possibly recommend, is having one of our qualified technicians install strap locks, so nothing can happen to this amazing guitar. Drop by Jonathan Fletcher Music and pick up one of these beauties today, I promise you will not be disappointed!

B.C. Rich Masterpiece Mockingbirds are not short on looks or features. This bolt-on neck guitar has an arched top with a AAA quilted maple veneer top. It is available in Tobacco Sunburst and Dragon Blood.  This guitar is scaled to 24-5/8" with 24 jumbo frets and has a rosewood fingerboard with B.C. Rich traditional cloud style inlay. Additionally it has a string through body with a tune-o-matic bridge and two chrome covered humbucker pickups.



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